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Fun Math Problems for High School

Fun Math Problems -
There are a number of fun math problems for high school on the website. We'll help you cover all sorts of math concepts like fractions, algebra, geometry, number skills and more. But also, importantly, you'll learn additional general math skills like logic, puzzles and spatial skills.

Math puzzles, math riddles and math games can be very unusual and entertaining. They're great as a classroom warmup or post exam activity. Use them as mind-stretchers and a way of developing the logic side of the brain. Perhaps you'll find math is more interesting than you expected! Often you won't even notice that math is involved. But you'll be exercising and stretching the math side of your brain.

This is fun math problems about fraction for you to try.

Fun Math Problems for High School

This math problems are categorized into
- Elementary school level problems
- Middle school level problems
- High school and undergrad level problems

Fun Math Problems for High School
Fun Math Problems for High School
Math Problems : Triangle
The large triangles are identical. Which is larger, the pink area on the left or the blue area on the right?
All internal triangles are similar to the larger triangles.

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