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Math Riddles for Middle School

Math Riddles -
Sometimes math may be boring and at times difficult to understand especially at middle school. Thats why we use math riddles for middle school. And since everyone enjoys a good joke or riddle at times, they're great for sparking math interest and student love them.

Some math riddles are silly, and some are very challenging. All will be fun to solve. The answers are at the end of each group of math riddles.

Math Riddles for Middle School
Math Riddles for Middle School

Math Riddles for Middle School

(1).If there are 30 students in your class and you shake every student's hand when you arrive, how many handshakes will you have to make?

(2).Choose your three favorite ice cream flavors. If you want a cone with two dips, how many different combinations of flavors could you have?

(3).Farmer Bob was counting his cows and chickens and saw that together they had a total of 54 legs. If he had 20 cows and chickens, how many of each did he have?

(4).Anna had 4 three-cent stamps and 3 four-cent stamps. How many different amounts of postage can be made from these stamps?

(5).If it takes six people 6 days to plant a garden, how long will it take three people to plant half a garden?

(1) 29 handshakes
(2) 6 combinations
(3) 7 cows and 13 chickens
(4) 18 different amounts
(5) 6 days

Math Riddles Brain Teasers

(1). Two hours from now, it will be half as long until noon as it will be an hour from now. What time is it now? 9 AM

(2). How many addition signs should be put between the digits of the number 123456789 to equal 99? Where should they be placed?

(3). Two girls are playing cards. They played 5 games. Each won the same number of games, how could this happen?

(4). If your mom gave you three cookies and said to eat one every half-hour, how long would they last?

(5). You have 10 rose bushes and need to plant them in 5 rows. Each row has to have 4 bushes. How would you do this?

(1). 09:00 A.M
(2). The number should have seven addition signs and look like this: 1 plus 2 plus 3 plus 4 plus 5 plus 67 plus 8 plus 9.
(3). They weren’t playing each other
(4). One hour. 
(5). Plant the bushes in the shape of a star.

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